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South Mill Champs

United States, Pennsylvania
Private Label
500-999 Employees

Company description

South Mill Champs makes high-quality mushroom products on a contract basis. They offer a wide variety of mushroom items, from fresh mushrooms to snacks and coffee, all with a focus on excellent service and top-notch quality. They’re really good at predicting what customers want and have more than 300 different packaging options to suit any need. Their teams are experts in growing mushrooms, managing logistics, and marketing, so they can help businesses with everything from selling strategies to making their own brands. They’re the top mushroom company in North America

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  • Organic or Natural Option:
    Information Not Provided
  • Year Founded:
  • Revenue:
    $250-500 Million
  • Minimum Order:
    Information Not Provided
  • Certification:
    Information Not Provided