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Top CBD Private Label and Contract Manufacturers

Looking for a top CBD manufacturer? Browse the list of global private label and contract manufacturers that make all different types of CBD products.

Borohemp Co

Borohemp emerges as a leading hemp manufacturing entity, specializing in contract manufacturing services. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and the establishment of enduring partnerships distinguishes them within the industry. With Show More

Sequoya Biotechnologies

Sequoya Biotechnologies specializes in providing private label supplements, sports nutrition, and white label CBD products, including cannabinoid formulas. Their manufacturing capabilities encompass a diverse range of supplement products, from capsules Show More

Opulent Organics

Opulent Organics offers a diverse selection of premium bulk CBD private label products, including CBD energy drinks, gummies, softgels, and sleeping pills, catering to various needs and preferences. Whether seeking Show More

CBD Nationwide

CBD Nationwide holds the distinction of being the longest-standing cannabidiol (CBD) manufacturer in the United States, renowned for its expertise in private label contracting, wholesaling, and bulk manufacturing services. Since Show More


BulKanna emerges as a leading White Label & Private Label CBD manufacturer in the USA, renowned for its innovation and reliability in the industry. Their cutting-edge manufacturing facility, coupled with Show More

RAD Extracts

RAD Extracts, based in Palmer Lake, Colorado, specializes in producing premium, full-spectrum private label CBD extracts for wholesale distribution. Positioned as a leader in delivering high-quality CBD products, RAD Extracts Show More

Hemp Lively

Hemp Lively is a trusted private label manufacturer specializing in Whole Plant Hemp CBD Oil & Gummies, offering a range of CBD gummies, oils, and topicals. Their products are meticulously Show More


CanniLabs, a prominent private label manufacturer specializing in CBD gummies and various other products, maintains a steadfast commitment to delivering top-tier bulk CBD at competitive prices, backed by a guarantee Show More

Jag Alliance

Jag Alliance stands as one of the foremost wholesale providers of premium Hemp-derived CBD products, boasting a diverse selection of over 100 uniquely formulated CBD offerings spanning Health, Wellness, Beauty Show More


Neurogan, a family-owned CBD company established in 2015, is deeply committed to producing the highest quality plant apothecary in the market. With their streamlined private label CBD brand program, they Show More

What is private label CBD?

Private label CBD refers to the practice where a company sources cannabidiol (CBD) products from a third-party manufacturer and sells them under its own brand name. In this arrangement, the private labeler typically collaborates with a CBD manufacturer that produces a range of products, such as oils, tinctures, capsules, or topicals. The private label company can then customize these products with its specific branding, packaging, and labeling. This business model allows companies to enter the CBD market without the need for extensive research and development or manufacturing facilities. Private label CBD is popular among businesses seeking to offer CBD products under their own brand identity, leveraging the expertise of specialized manufacturers to meet consumer demand for CBD-infused items.

How big is the CBD market?

The CBD market has witnessed substantial growth and is expected to continue expanding rapidly in the coming years. Various estimates indicate significant market size increases, with values ranging from USD 3.86 billion in 2022 to USD 7.71 billion in 2023, and projections exceeding USD 62 billion by 2032. Factors driving this growth include the increasing legalization of cannabis and hemp-derived products, growing awareness of CBD’s potential health benefits, rising consumer demand, and a wide array of product offerings. Currently, North America leads the global CBD market, followed by Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions.

What are the most common CBD private label products on the market?

The most common private label CBD products on the market include CBD oils, CBD tinctures, CBD gummies/edibles, CBD topicals, CBD capsules, CBD vape products, and CBD pet products. CBD oils and tinctures are favored for their ease of use, precise dosing, and variety of flavors, while CBD-infused gummies and edibles offer convenience and enjoyable flavors. CBD topicals are popular for localized relief, while CBD capsules provide a convenient consumption method for those who prefer pills. CBD vape products are preferred for their fast-acting effects, and CBD pet products have gained traction among pet owners seeking natural solutions for their pets’ well-being. These products’ popularity is attributed to their ease of use, diverse consumption methods, and the growing awareness of CBD’s potential therapeutic benefits across various consumer segments.

What is CBD contract manufacturing?

CBD contract manufacturing involves outsourcing the production of CBD products to a third-party manufacturer. Companies, typically brands or distributors, partner with specialized CBD manufacturers to create a variety of CBD-infused products. The contract manufacturer is responsible for formulation, production, and quality control based on the specifications provided. This model allows businesses to enter the CBD market without the need for in-house production infrastructure and expertise. It provides flexibility and scalability, allowing companies to meet market demands for CBD products while focusing on core competencies like branding, marketing, and distribution. CBD contract manufacturing is a strategic approach for businesses aiming to benefit from the growing CBD industry without dealing with the complexities of in-house manufacturing and formulation.

How to private label CBD?

Private labeling CBD involves several key steps to launch CBD products under a brand’s identity. Firstly, identify a reliable CBD manufacturer that offers private label services and meets regulatory standards. Choose the desired CBD products, such as oils, tinctures, or edibles. Collaborate with the manufacturer to customize product formulations, packaging, and labeling with your brand’s special logo and design. Ensure compliance with CBD regulations and labeling requirements. Once the products are ready, establish distribution channels and develop a marketing strategy to promote your private label CBD products. Building brand recognition and ensuring high-quality products are key to a successful private label CBD venture.

How to start my own CBD brand?

Starting your own CBD brand involves several essential steps. You should begin by thoroughly researching the CBD industry, understanding regulations, and identifying a reputable CBD manufacturer that aligns with your brand vision. Choose your product line, whether it’s CBD oils, capsules, topicals, or edibles. Collaborate with the manufacturer to create unique formulations and design attractive packaging that reflects your brand identity. Ensure compliance with local and federal regulations regarding CBD products. Establish an online presence through a website and social media platforms, and develop a robust marketing strategy to build brand awareness. Prioritize transparency and quality in your products to build trust with consumers. Finally, set up distribution channels, consider partnerships, and continuously stay informed about industry trends to ensure the success and growth of your CBD brand.