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Top Personal Care Private Label and Contract Manufacturers

Below is a listing of personal care product manufacturers. These manufactures make all different types of personal care products, including private label and contracted manufacturing options.

Classic Cosmetics Inc.

Classic Cosmetics Inc, a leader in turnkey contract manufacturing of color cosmetics and skin care products since 1988, prides itself on creating trend-setting lip products that meet the demands of Show More

Bentley Labs

Bentley Labs serves as a leading contract manufacturer in the beauty industry, offering an extensive range of products such as shampoos, conditioners, powders, creams, lotions, and skin care gels. With Show More


BeBeauty, a family-owned enterprise in the cosmetics private label sector catering primarily to the salon industry, prides itself on its longstanding reputation for delivering high-quality bulk products consistently to salons. Show More

Evora Worldwide

Evora Worldwide is the premier destination for personalized skincare, haircare, and personal care product development and manufacturing, offering inspired label and packaging design, as well as comprehensive turnkey fulfillment services. Show More

GAR Labs

GAR Labs, based in Southern California, specializes in custom private label cosmetic hair care and skin care manufacturing, offering FDA registered contract manufacturing and filling services for cosmetics, toiletries, and Show More


For over four decades, Topiderm, a US-based Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), has been a trusted partner for global personal care and beauty brands, handling the development, manufacturing, packaging, Show More

Orchid Lifesciences

Orchid Lifesciences is a contract manufacturing company specializing in skincare and personal care hygiene products, aiming to enhance global wellbeing. With a cutting-edge facility in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, they produce a Show More

Tropical Labs

Tropical Labs is dedicated to manufacturing the Sunscreen of the Future! We offer the highest quality Sunscreen you can buy on the market.

AMR Laboratories

AMR Laboratories offers comprehensive turnkey services in health and beauty contract manufacturing, from concept to production. With a track record of creating top-quality skincare, haircare, and body care products for Show More


OraTech emerges as a leading manufacturer catering to companies in the Oral Care and Dental industries, boasting vertical integration for enhanced efficiency and flexibility. With comprehensive turnkey capabilities, they navigate Show More

What is Personal Care Contract Manufacturing?

Personal care contract manufacturing is a business model where companies outsource the production of personal care products, like skincare, haircare, cosmetics, and hygiene products, to third-party manufacturers that specialize in this field. This enables brands to take advantage of the expertise, advanced technology, and production capabilities of established manufacturers to bring high-quality products to market efficiently and cost-effectively. Contract manufacturers offer a comprehensive range of services, from product development and formulation to manufacturing, and packaging, allowing brands to focus on the critical aspects of their business, such as brand development, marketing, and sales. This model is especially advantageous for new and existing brands that want to expand their product lines or enter new markets without the significant investment required for manufacturing facilities.

How Big is the Personal Care Contract Manufacturing Market?

The personal care contract manufacturing market is indeed substantial and rapidly expanding. Estimates reveal its significant size, with the U.S. market reaching approximately $3.13 billion in 2023 and projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.8% to surpass $5.22 billion by 2030. Globally, the market was valued at $21.2 billion in 2023 and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% from 2024 to 2030, potentially reaching $37.1 billion by 2030. Moreover, projections suggest that the global market could range between $31 billion to $37 billion by 2030, based on different estimates. In summary, the personal care contract manufacturing industry is experiencing robust growth, with both U.S. and global markets poised for significant expansion over the next decade.

What are Private Label Personal Care Products?

Private label personal care products are those manufactured by third-party companies but sold under a retailer’s or brand’s own name and branding. This business model allows retailers and brands to offer a range of personal care items—such as skincare, haircare, cosmetics, and hygiene products—without the significant investment required for product development and manufacturing facilities. By partnering with private label manufacturers, brands can customize product formulations, packaging, and overall branding to align with their brand identity and target consumer preferences. This approach enables brands to quickly enter the market with unique products, providing them with the flexibility to respond to emerging trends and consumer demands. Private label personal care products have become increasingly popular, offering retailers and brands a cost-effective way to expand product lines and enhance brand loyalty among consumers.

How to Find the Best Personal Care Private Label and Contract Manufacturers?

When looking for the best personal care private label and contract manufacturers for your brand, it’s important to follow a strategic approach that prioritizes alignment with your brand’s values, quality standards, and market objectives. The first step is to conduct thorough research to identify manufacturers with a strong reputation in the personal care industry, especially those with expertise in your product category. Many companies are using platforms like Find My Manufacturer to find high-quality manufacturers. Next, it’s essential to evaluate their manufacturing capabilities, quality control procedures, and compliance with regulatory standards to ensure that they can meet your product’s safety and quality requirements. Additionally, assess their customization, capabilities to innovate in line with your brand, and scalability to accommodate your growth. It’s also crucial to consider their track record for reliability, timeliness, and communication. Engaging in discussions, visiting facilities, and reviewing samples can provide insights into their operational efficiency and product quality. Finally, partnering with a manufacturer that demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices can further align with consumer expectations and enhance your brand’s reputation.