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Top Plastic Molding Private Label and Contract Manufacturers

Below is a listing of plastic molding companies. Their capabilities span a range of different types of injection molding .


Rockleigh Industries, operating as an engineering and manufacturing company with facilities in the USA and Asia, as well as serving as a supplier and importer, specializes in a diverse array Show More

RSP Inc.

RSP, a global contract manufacturing company, specializes in plastic molding, custom silicone molds, membrane switches, and more, bringing ideas to life for over 50 years. With a full-service approach, RSP Show More


Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Donatelle Plastics Incorporated specializes in the manufacturing of medical devices, offering customizable solutions in areas such as cardiac rhythm management, neuromodulation, Show More

HTI Plastics

HTI Plastics specializes in manufacturing plastic pharmaceutical applicators and custom proprietary thermoplastic injection-molded products catering to diverse sectors like pharmaceuticals, animal health, food packaging, sporting goods, and other custom industries. Show More

AdvanTech Plastics

AdvanTech Plastics maintains an unwavering dedication to excellence in injection molding, striving to surpass customer expectations and needs. Serving as a valued partner, AdvanTech pledges to enhance its clients' profitability Show More

Spectrum Solutions

Spectrum Solutions, a prominent player in the life science medical device manufacturing sector, specializes in offering fully integrated solutions tailored for clinical diagnostic projects and commercialized product plans. Serving as Show More


SeaskyMedical specializes in injection molding for the medical sector, offering low-risk solutions and comprehensive support throughout every stage of the project. As a professional ISO-certified medical injection molding company, SeaskyMedical Show More

Britech Industries

Britech Industries, a leading manufacturer and distributor of Molded, Extruded, and Die Cut Rubber Parts and plastic injection molding, has been serving industries since 1984 with a comprehensive range of Show More


Sure Seal manufactures a diverse range of valves using materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloys, offering sizes up to 60 inches with ANSI 150-, 300-, and 600-pound Show More


Founded in 1947, Flambeau specializes in designing injection and blow-molded thermoplastic components and products, building tools/tooling and fixtures, and contract manufacturing of complete assemblies, with headquarters in Baraboo, WI. For Show More

What is Plastic Molding Contract Manufacturing?

Plastic molding contract manufacturing is a specialized service where a company is contracted to produce plastic parts or products using various molding techniques such as injection molding, blow molding, or rotational molding, on behalf of another company. This arrangement allows businesses that require plastic components for their products to leverage the expertise, advanced technology, and production capacities of manufacturers dedicated to plastic molding. These contract manufacturers handle large-scale production runs, ensuring consistency, quality, and cost-effectiveness, while adhering to strict industry standards and specifications. By outsourcing plastic production, companies can focus on their core competencies, such as product development and market expansion, without the need to invest heavily in plastic manufacturing equipment or in-house expertise.

How to Find the Best Plastic Molding Contract Manufacturers?

Finding the best plastic molding contract manufacturers involves a comprehensive approach that includes assessing the manufacturer’s expertise in the specific molding technique required for your product (such as injection, blow, or rotational molding), their quality control processes, and their compliance with relevant industry standards (like ISO certifications). It’s also important to evaluate their capacity to scale production to meet demand fluctuations, their track record for on-time delivery, and their ability to provide high-quality cost-effective solutions. To find manufacturers, seeking recommendations from industry contacts, reviewing portfolios of past projects, and visiting the manufacturing facilities in person can provide deep insights into their capabilities and the quality of their operations. Additionally, sites, like Find My Manufacturer, can be an easy way to search and connect for top plastic molding contract manufacturers.