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Top Activewear Private Label and Contract Manufacturers

Looking for reliable partners in the activewear industry? Look no further than Activewear Private Label Manufacturers and Contract Manufacturers. These industry experts specialize in creating premium athletic and sportswear. They offer comprehensive services, from design to production and branding, making them essential partners for brands and businesses in the fitness and sports fashion sector.


Wings2fashion is a leading Clothing manufacturers in India we make all types of women’s wear, men’s wear and kids' wear clothes in small MOQ and private labeling.

Sunsea Xpert Clothing

We supply clothes for Men, Ladies, Boys, Girls and above all for kids of any design- for all the seasons. Our product ranges from Shirts, Shorts, T-shirts, Polo, Sweatshirts, Pants, Show More

Royal Apparel

American Royal Apparel, LLC. has been supplying to the Garment Industry for over 27 years. We are focused on high quality fashion services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction Show More


Oneloveltd is a company that operates in the Apparel & Fashion industry. It employs 11-20 people and has $1M-$5M of revenue. The company is headquartered in the US.

Cotton Monk

Cotton Monk – We are in the business of making beautiful clothes to meet every brand’s demands. We have integrated solutions to create world class garments. We at Cotton Monk Show More

Max Blue Vietnam

Max Blue Viet Nam was founded since 2015 only have a small sewing factory with low capacity. Since then developed and spread in the field of textile and garment. Which Show More

What is Private Label Activewear?

A Private Label Activewear Manufacturer is a specialized company that crafts high-quality athletic and sportswear products for brands under their own label. These manufacturers offer a wide range of services, including design, production, and branding solutions, allowing businesses to create custom activewear collections tailored to their unique vision and identity. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, Private Label Activewear Manufacturers play a crucial role in helping brands establish their presence in the competitive fitness and sports fashion market.

Activewear Contract Manufacturers

An Activewear Contract Manufacturer plays a pivotal role in the athletic clothing industry. These specialized partners are adept at efficiently producing high-quality athletic and sportswear on a contractual basis. By outsourcing production to Activewear Contract Manufacturers, companies can maintain their unique branding and design while benefiting from streamlined, quality-focused production processes. This collaboration ensures that their athletic clothing collections reach the market effectively and competitively.