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UniWell Laboratories

United States, Texas
Contract Manufacturer
50 - 199 Employees

Company description

UniWell Laboratories LLC operates as a leading contract manufacturer of nutraceuticals, supplements, and drug products, with an FDA registered cGMP-compliant facility. With a comprehensive range of services including stock formulations, custom formulation, chemical and micro analysis, stability studies, and third-party certifications, UniWell aims to partner with globally recognized dietary supplement and nutraceutical brands. Their versatile production capabilities cover various product forms and packaging options, from tablets and capsules to powders, liquids, and gels. UniWell emphasizes collaboration, actively involving customers in the development process to ensure satisfaction while prioritizing innovation through

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  • Organic or Natural Option:
    Information Not Provided
  • Year Founded:
  • Revenue:
    $5-10 Million
  • Minimum Order:
    Information Not Provided
  • Certification:
    Information Not Provided