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Top Tablet Supplements Private Label and Contract Manufacturers


Aligen Therapeutics stands as a prominent contract manufacturer specializing in nutraceuticals and skincare products. Renowned for its expertise in developing, formulating, and manufacturing pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic applications, Aligen offers Show More

Catalyst Nutraceuticals

Catalyst Nutraceuticals manufactures custom dietary supplements for leading brands in the health and wellness industries, specializing in performance nutrition and wellness products. Their expertise spans high-capacity manufacturing and custom formulation, Show More

NOW Foods Private Label

NOW Foods Private Label offers a comprehensive program enabling companies to create individually branded lines of superior quality supplements, sports nutrition, essential oils, sweeteners, and more. Originating from a simple Show More

Fusion Targeted Nutrition

Fusion Targeted Nutrition Specialists specializes in private label food products tailored to individual requirements, offering customized food powders, sports nutrition, and supplements. As Europe's leading protein shake manufacturers, they provide Show More

UniWell Laboratories

UniWell Laboratories LLC operates as a leading contract manufacturer of nutraceuticals, supplements, and drug products, with an FDA registered cGMP-compliant facility. With a comprehensive range of services including stock formulations, Show More

BL Bio Lab

BL Bio Lab is a leading custom and private label supplement manufacturer based in Clearwater, FL, offering a wide range of nutraceuticals, vitamins, pet supplements, and skincare/cosmetic products. Operating from Show More

Tropical Labs

Tropical Labs is dedicated to manufacturing the Sunscreen of the Future! We offer the highest quality Sunscreen you can buy on the market.

Paragon Laboratories

Paragon Laboratories, a leading contract manufacturer of supplements, has been serving customers for over 50 years with a dedication to quality and excellence. Established in 1971 by the Kaufman family, Show More

Garmon Corp

With over 25 years of expertise in pet supplements, Garmon Corp has established itself as a leader in private and white label solutions, specializing in pet supplement manufacturing. Operating from Show More

Bimini Pet Health

Bimini Pet Health specializes in manufacturing pet health supplements and treats, offering private label, custom manufacturing, and contract manufacturing services. Their product range includes soft chews, powders, baked treats, oils, Show More

Tablets are popular and affordable vitamin supplements due to their lower manufacturing costs, making them a budget-friendly choice. They have a long shelf life, allowing for safe storage over extended periods. Tablets come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and dosages, catering to different needs and preferences. Chewable tablets, available in various flavors, are smoother on the throat, making them suitable for individuals who have difficulty swallowing traditional tablets.

Tablets are made by compressing powdered ingredients into a solid form. When ingested, they break down in the digestive tract, allowing nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Although tablets do not have an outer shell like capsules, they are made with excipients and binders to ensure a stable structure and effectiveness. While some people find tablets hard to swallow, the availability of chewable and flavored options helps mitigate this challenge, making tablets a versatile and accessible form of supplementation.

What are Private Label Tablet Supplements?

Private label tablet supplement manufacturing involves a company producing supplements that are branded and sold by another company as their own. This allows businesses to market high-quality products without the need to invest in manufacturing facilities.

What is Contract Tablet Supplement Manufacturing?

Contract tablet supplement manufacturing involves a business working with a specialized manufacturer to produce tablet supplements based on their specific formulations and requirements. The tablet contract manufacturer is responsible for raw material sourcing, formulation development, production, quality control, and packaging. This allows businesses to benefit from the manufacturer’s expertise and facilities while concentrating on branding and distribution.

What is the market size for tablet supplements?

Tablets dominate the global market as the most popular form of dietary supplement, commanding a market share of 40.70% and a market size of $57.33 billion. Their popularity is driven by lower prices, longer shelf life, and superior packaging compared to other supplement forms, solidifying their leading position in the industry.

How do I choose the right tablet supplements Private Label & contract manufacturers?

To choose the right private label and contract manufacturer for tablet supplements, you should start by defining your product specifications and formulation needs. Then, research manufacturers with strong industry reputations and relevant certifications. Ensure they have robust quality control and regulatory compliance, and assess their production capacity and technological capabilities. In addition, consider the manufacturer’s financial stability, transparency in communication, and cost structure. Location and logistics capabilities should also be taken into account. Visiting their facility, checking references, and ensuring a detailed contract that protects your interests will help you find a reliable partner for producing high-quality supplements.