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Top Pet Private Label and Contract Manufacturers

Looking for a top Pet manufacturer? Browse the list of global manufacturers that make all different types of Pet products, including Private labels and Contract Manufacturers. Use the custom filters to select the best Pet manufacturing company for your business needs. These manufacturers make all different types of pet products from toys to treats, including private label and contracted manufacturing capabilities.


As a private label supplier of dog food, we take pride in being a reputable British manufacturer of high-quality complete dog food. Our comprehensive selection of premium dry dog food Show More

Cosmo’s Superior Foods

Cosmo's Superior Foods specializes as a private label manufacturer of Ultra-Premium, Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried pet food, proudly crafted and sourced in the USA.

Simmons Pet Food

Simmons Pet Food stands as the foremost North American private-label and contract producer of wet pet food. We procure top-tier ingredients and employ state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to craft both premium Show More

Innovative Pet Food Manufacturing

Innovative Pet Food Manufacturing, Inc. provides diverse product possibilities, spanning from dry "kibble" diets and freeze-dried meats to powdered private label pet supplements. We're eager to collaborate with you in Show More

United Valley Pet Food

United Valley Pet Food, as a private label pet food manufacturer, endeavors to fulfill each customer's unique product requirements. Our pride lies in the versatility we provide, offering a range Show More

Carnivore Meat

Carnivore Meat, a family-owned enterprise, produces items under the Vital Essentials and Vital Cat brands, while also supplying private label products for pet brands globally.

Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company

Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Company, Inc. has stood as the premier natural pet food company in the United States since 1935. We ardently believe that the well-being of your Show More

Garmon Corp

Garmon Corp has specialized in pet supplements for over 25 years, offering robust private and white label solutions.

PetDine LLC

PetDine serves as a contract manufacturer specializing in pet supplements, foods, and treats, empowering entrepreneurs to seize opportunities through the creation of bespoke products. With a commitment to excellence from Show More

Bimini LLC

Bimini Pet Health specializes in the production of pet health supplements and health treats, providing private label, custom manufacturing, and contract manufacturing services. Our diverse product range includes soft chews, Show More