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South Mill Champs

South Mill Champs makes high-quality mushroom products on a contract basis. They offer a wide variety of mushroom items, from fresh mushrooms to snacks and coffee, all with a focus Show More

Paragon Laboratories

Paragon Laboratories, a leading contract manufacturer of supplements, has been serving customers for over 50 years with a dedication to quality and excellence. Established in 1971 by the Kaufman family, Show More

Pharmatech Labs

Pharmatech Labs specializes in nutritional contract manufacturing of liquid and powder supplements, offering a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of its clients. With a dedicated team Show More

Aviva Natural Supplements

Aviva Natural Supplements is a trusted contract manufacturer specializing in dietary supplements and vitamins, offering customized formulas tailored to individual customer needs. With extensive expertise in sourcing, production, and formulation, Show More

Sequoya Biotechnologies

Sequoya Biotechnologies specializes in providing private label supplements, sports nutrition, and white label CBD products, including cannabinoid formulas. Their manufacturing capabilities encompass a diverse range of supplement products, from capsules Show More


Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) is a global leader in human and animal nutrition, a contract manufacturer, as well as the foremost agricultural origination and processing entity worldwide, boasts unmatched capabilities Show More

Almighty Nutrition

Established in 2019, Almighty Nutrition quickly became a leader in the private label gummy supplements industry. They only focus on making gummies, and they've gotten really good at it. Big Show More

PetDine LLC

PetDine, a leading contract manufacturer specializing in pet supplements, foods, and treats, empowers entrepreneurs to capitalize on opportunities by creating customized products. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, from sourcing Show More

Bimini Pet Health

Bimini Pet Health specializes in manufacturing pet health supplements and treats, offering private label, custom manufacturing, and contract manufacturing services. Their product range includes soft chews, powders, baked treats, oils, Show More

Vitakem Nutraceutical Inc

Vitakem stands as a trusted partner in private label and contract manufacturing of vitamins, supplements, and pet supplements, leveraging a proven track record since its establishment in 2003. Committed to Show More

What is Contract Supplement Manufacturing?

Contract supplement manufacturing involves outsourcing the production of dietary supplements to specialized manufacturers. In this arrangement, a brand or individual (often referred to as the client or contracting party) partners with a contract supplement manufacturer to produce a specific formulation of dietary supplements. The contract manufacturer is responsible for various aspects of the production process, including sourcing raw materials, formulation development, manufacturing, quality control, packaging, and labeling. This allows businesses to bring their supplement products to market without the need for extensive in-house production facilities and expertise. Contract supplement manufacturing provides flexibility, scalability, and efficiency, enabling brands to maintain clear focus on marketing, distribution, and overall business growth while ensuring that their supplements meet regulatory standards and quality requirements.

What is Private Label Supplement Manufacturing?

Private label supplement manufacturing involves the process of outsourcing the production of dietary supplements to a specialized manufacturer who then produces these supplements under the client’s specific brand or label. In this arrangement, the client provides the specifications for the desired supplement formulation, packaging, and labeling, while the private label manufacturer takes responsibility for the sourcing of raw materials, formulation development, manufacturing, quality control, packaging, and labeling. Private label supplement manufacturing allows businesses to enter the supplement market without the need for extensive investment in production infrastructure or expertise. It provides flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, enabling brands to focus on marketing, distribution, and brand building while offering high-quality supplements to consumers.

What is the size of the private label supplements market?

The global private label supplements market is projected to surge to $2,049.7 billion by 2032, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.8% from 2023 to 2032. Concurrently, the North American dietary supplements market, inclusive of private label supplements, surpassed $50 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to sustain its growth trajectory.

Why Choose Contract Manufacturing Over Private Label Supplement Manufacturing?

Choosing contract manufacturing over private label supplement manufacturing often depends on a company’s specific needs and goals. Contract manufacturing involves collaborating with a specialized manufacturer to develop a unique supplement formulation, allowing greater control over the entire production process from start to finish. This approach is ideal for businesses seeking a more customized product or targeting a niche market. On the other hand, private label supplement manufacturing is suitable for those looking for a quicker and more cost-effective entry into the market. Private label allows businesses to sell products under their brand without the complexities of formulation development, making it a more straightforward choice. Ultimately, the decision depends on factors such as the level of customization desired, production control, and the business’s overall strategic goals in the dietary supplement industry.

What are the most common contract manufactured supplements?

Contract manufacturers offer a diverse array of supplement types, including vitamins, probiotics, liquid dietary supplements, protein powders, and bodybuilding/sports nutrition supplements. They are capable of producing various vitamin supplements, from single vitamins to multivitamin formulas. Probiotic supplements are another common product, requiring specialized equipment and expertise. Liquid dietary supplements, such as protein shakes and nutrition drinks, are within their purview as well. Moreover, contract manufacturers cater to the demand for protein powder supplements, encompassing whey, soy, and plant-based proteins. Additionally, they specialize in producing bodybuilding and sports nutrition supplements like pre-workouts, post-workouts, and performance-enhancing formulas. Brands must collaborate with reputable contract manufacturers possessing appropriate certifications, capabilities, and expertise to fulfill their specific supplement production requirements.

What are the trends in the protein supplements private label market?

Emerging trends in the protein supplements market beyond 2032 indicate a significant rise in demand for plant-based protein supplements, fueled by consumers’ growing preference for sustainable, environmentally friendly, and animal-welfare-friendly products. This trend is exemplified by companies introducing new plant-based protein powder products, like Dymatize’s vegan options. Particularly in the U.S. market, the plant-based segment is expected to witness substantial growth as consumers opt for non-animal protein sources. Additionally, the sports nutrition sector maintains its dominance, driven by athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking supplements to enhance muscle growth, recovery, and performance, with a notable shift towards on-the-go and ready-to-drink (RTD) options due to busy lifestyles. Functional foods and beverages fortified with protein are also on the rise as consumers seek nutritious options to support health and wellness goals. Furthermore, the protein supplements market is witnessing a surge in online distribution channels, with e-commerce projected to experience the highest growth, alongside the increasing popularity of private label products offered by major retailers, meeting consumer demand for cost-effective and personalized wellness solutions. In summary, the future of the protein supplements market entails a dynamic landscape shaped by these evolving consumer preferences and demands.

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